Boulevard des Estacades: the landslide has worsened

Boulevard des Estacades: the landslide has worsened


Sunday's rain wreaked havoc on boulevard des Estacades in Trois-Rivières. While the thunderstorms of ten days ago had started work, the latest accumulation of water was the final blow. The crevasse that had formed on the bank of the Saint-Maurice River has grown considerably.

A full road lane, half a second and the median have collapsed towards the river.

“We saw the street sink in the center. The lamp post sank and also there was the heavy equipment that was left here for the renovations which sank into the street”, described Alexandre Labrecque, immediate neighbor of the landslide.

He had to evacuate his home in the afternoon and returned later in the evening.

Traffic is now completely prohibited between Ogden and Pie Xll streets.

< p>In the field, TVA Nouvelles met a construction site supervisor, who lives in the area, and who observed the progress of the work. He came to this conclusion: the flow of water from the stream that crosses the streets had to be interrupted during the excavation work and the water had to be pumped out of the crevasse. But with the rain that fell, the pressure was too strong and the accumulation of water washed everything away.

According to neighbors, the area had been unstable for several years.

“We could see that it had started to dig. We know that there was work already done last year, but it was perhaps not adequate, let's say,” added a neighbor we met.

Is this slide could have been avoided? After all, the fragility of the ground had already been mentioned in 2020.

“The work on Boulevard des Estacades has been included in our three-year capital plan since 2020. We had work planned there- the. What you need to know is that the pipe, the pipe, located in the ground, had not had any movement, ”explained the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche.

After awarding a $102,000 emergency contract to stabilize the ground last week, more extensive work is due to begin tomorrow. Their cost will be determined later.

The mayor hopes that traffic will resume mid-week on the east side of the boulevard. By Friday, traffic could be restored in both directions.

Council will then have to vote to determine the best long-term solution.