Brad pitt about relationships with children, about his father and the long struggle with alcoholism

New interview Hollywood actor.

Брэд Питт об отношениях с детьми, о своем отце и долгой борьбе с алкоголизмом

In hire leaves a fantastic Thriller James gray’s “To the stars” (Ad Astra), the main role in which is played by brad pitt, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland and others. Traditionally, the main actors involved in the project, are now taking an active part in the promotional campaign pictures. So, today, brad gave an interview to the project The Project, which has answered some personal pressing matters.

About relationships with children:

I learned it is better to listen, hear and finally began to ask questions about themselves, about their life, well-being, instead to impose their own experience and wisdom.

About the relationship with his own father:

The problem of fathers and children will always be relevant, it has a lot of issues and complexities, but at the same time, all given to me by the father, manifested in the fact that I’m doing. My father tried to give me a much more happy life than he did. He grew up in extreme poverty. And he did it. He got out of it. Even with such a cruel and difficult childhood he managed to give me such a life, and I in turn will try to make the lives of my children better. I think it is important to be truly honest and open. And so I try to be in communion with them.

About alcoholism:

Think it’s important to talk about their weaknesses. Perhaps 97 percent of us have their own dependencies, we are all the same. Each of us at the time was experiencing a deep pain and felt the disappointment, but we all know too well — at least in my culture — to bury them somewhere deep inside. But if you honestly recognize the problem and will talk about it, it will lead you to a more comfortable existence, return composure.