Brad pitt admitted his guilt in the divorce with Angelina Jolie

Brad pitt is not often commented on his personal life and never really told why their model has collapsed (it would seem) marriage with Angelina Jolie. However, in anticipation of the release of his new film “To the stars” actor admitted that the gap with the mother of his children preceded the creation of this emotional space drama.

Брэд Питт признал свою вину в разводе с Анджелиной Джоли

The disintegration of the family is definitely changing. I had to admit his guilt and try to become better. Don’t want that ever again

― said the actor.

According to him, the script for “To the stars” were intertwined with his mental state, so he gladly accepted an offer from the producers to play the film. Recall that brad pitt has turned into a astronaut who goes in search of his father lost 20 years ago somewhere in space.

Earlier 55-year-old actor said that after a painful breakup with Jolie decided to quit drinking. At a meeting of alcoholics anonymous, he was struck by the fact that no one is condemned, and all are open to dialogue.

To reveal their ugly side and to feel free ― incredible value

added pitt.