Brad pitt and Jimmy Fallon free each other with the food in the restaurant: video of the day

Two well-known prankster was found in one comical video.

Брэд Питт и Джимми Фэллон задаривают друг друга едой в ресторане: видео дня

Was once brad pitt and Jimmy Fallon in a restaurant and decided to find out who is the biggest gentleman. The actor treated the comedian Martini, the debt remained and sent to a colleague sitting at the bar, coffee, iced coffee… And away! In the course went the lobster, fried potatoes, chicken nuggets, fruit plate, and one red M&M’s, a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, orange juice and even toothpaste. Who came out of the restaurant the winner will learn after viewing.

A humorous sketch was part of the latest issue of “the nightly show with Jimmy Fallon,” which airs on NBC.

In the Studio with Fallon, pitt came in the framework of the promotional tour for his new film “To the stars”, which premiered at the International film festival in Venice in August this year. Fantastic Thriller about the engineer of the army corps, who embarks on a journey through the Galaxy to save humanity, but at the same time find his father, astronaut, lost somewhere in space.