Brad pitt bust out my girlfriend blonde

Guests of the party held in Los Angeles after the premiere of “To the stars”, he was puzzled when he saw who brad pitt came to the event. The fact that 55-year-old actor, who starred in the movie the main role, appeared with the designer on jewelry — blonde Seth Hari Kalsoy. Although Seth and brad did not allow himself in public, excessive liberties, they spent the night vengeance flirted with each other. And at the end of the event, went along.

Брэд Питт вывел в свет свою подружку-блондинку

The emergence of Pitta with Chelsey was surprising for two reasons. First, almost a year ago, brad had already seen with Seth. It happened in October 2018, when they came together on the charity event — concert organized by the flea, a friend of pitt and the lead singer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Pitt and Hari took the next place and he openly flirted with each other. Seth looked at brad with undisguised adoration, and that, in turn, did everything to impress his companion with a lasting impression.

Then all talking about the fact that the actor has finally recovered from a painful divorce with Angelina Jolie and the collapse of his short-lived romance with architect Neri Oxman, a new girlfriend. However, since last fall and until the day of the premiere never seen them together even once. But insiders from the number of buddies pitt assured that brad and Seth — just friends, not too close, and binds them to work on some charity project.

Besides, the last time in the hearts of fans of the actor revived faint hope: what if brad will be back with angelina, and all of them, including six biological and adopted children of the couple, you will be happy again? This hope came from fans of the actor after brad, in a recent interview, said that he is optimistic towards the possibility of his reunion with Jolie. But how then to interpret the appearance of the actor with Chelsey? In short, pitt had completely confused his fans.