Brad pitt drove angelina Jolie to marry him

This spring, a long and loud divorce of the two Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie and brad pitt finally ended, and the couple officially became ex-spouses. Recently close to the actress, insiders said that the marriage has long been doomed to failure since pitt actually forced his beloved to marry him.

Брэд Питт вынудил Анджелину Джоли выйти за него замуж

Affair Angelina Jolie and brad pitt began about 14 years ago. Only seven years later, the couple announced their engagement, and after two years finally got married. However, soon there were rumors about the deteriorating relationship between the spouses, and in the fall of 2016 Jolie filed for divorce. According to insiders, already at the time of the wedding, the actress had doubts about the correctness of his choice, but succumbed to pressure from pitt and married yet formalized.

In fact, forced to consent in the end did not lead to anything good, the couple broke up, and during the divorce, Jolie and pitt repeatedly charged, for example, violence, neglect of parental duties or alcoholism. Now both the ex-wife was “exhausted” by the divorce and not ready for new novels, preferring to live for the sake of children, work and own pleasure.