Brad pitt has admitted that her divorce from Angelina Jolie went for him

In his recent interview brad pitt gave on the occasion of the release of his new movie — “To the stars”, the actor told about how acted on his divorce with Angelina Jolie. Everyone expected that 55-year-old pitt will again tell you how hard it was for him to lose his family, and how he suffered. But to the surprise of fans, the actor decided to talk about the other side of their experiences.

Брэд Питт признал, что развод с Анджелиной Джоли пошел ему на пользу

“Any divorce in some sense helps you “open your eyes”. That is useful to understand how things really are. As for me, I, as it turned out, was necessary to realize his guilt in the collapse of the marriage. And when I managed to do it, I could start to change for the better. Because they understood at some point- I’ve reached the “bottom”. And I don’t want and can’t live…” admitted brad. Pitt knew that his marriage can’t be saved, but he wanted to at least be a better father to their six biological and adopted children — Maddox, pax Tien, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

It is the conviction and brought the actor to the solution to be treated for alcohol dependency. He sought help in Alcoholics Anonymous, and managed to deal with his problem. Then, having dealt with alcohol, brad has publicly repented, and, ultimately, was able to win the right again to see his children. As for him, then, as noted by fans, the actor has not looked that good. He looked younger, fit and almost always stays in a good mood. So it looks like he’s right — divorce with Jolie really went in his favor.