Brad pitt has supported Timothy Salome at the premiere of “King”

Actors together with Lily-rose Depp in a bold, mini presented the film to the public.

Брэд Питт поддержал Тимоти Шаламе на премьере «Короля»

Recently held the premiere screening of the historical drama “the King” in California. Prior to this new film, one of the producers was brad pitt, managed to present at the Venice film festival where it received mostly positive reviews.

At the California premiere of Timothy Salama, who performed the main role in paternal support a young star brad. Director David Michaud (“Flesh and bone”, “wolf laws”), actor and co-producer Joel Edgerton (“the Great Gatsby”, “King Arthur”) and composer Nicolas britell was also seen at the event.

Later all-male company was joined by Lily-rose Depp in a bold black mini. By the way, a rising star and native daughter of johnny Depp meets with a colleague on the set, the youngest nominee for an Oscar, Timothy.

Брэд Питт поддержал Тимоти Шаламе на премьере «Короля»

The plot of the new film revolves around the story of a young English king Henry V, who became one of the most famous generals of the times of the hundred years war. From the familiar to the viewer of the military-historical drama can be seen as Robert Pattinson and Tomasin MacKenzie.

The film will show only a few cinemas in the US on October 11 to be able to participate in the race for the “Oscar”, and from 1 November it will be available on the streaming service Netflix.