Brad pitt, Liv Tyler and Tommy Lee Jones in the new trailer for “To the stars”


on the official YouTube channel 20th Century Fox was published a new trailer of the film “To the stars” (Ad Astra), in which the main roles played by brad pitt, Liv Tyler and Tommy Lee Jones.

Брэд Питт, Лив Тайлер и Томми Ли Джонс в новом трейлере фильма «К звездам»

The film was James gray, known to viewers for his work on the films “the Lost city of Z” (The Lost City of Z) and “Lovers” (Two Lovers).

In the new film, brad pitt played the engineer of the army corps named Roy McBride, who goes to space travel across the Galaxy. Its main goal is to find his father, who went missing 20 years ago, when I went in search of extraterrestrial civilizations. In space, Roy hopes to find the answers to long questions, and find out why the whole world thinks his father is a dangerous traitor.

The premiere of the film “To the stars” will be held on 29 August 2019 at the Venice film festival. In wide release, the movie will be released this fall. The UK premiere will take place on September 18 in the U.S. the film will be released September 20.