Brad pitt openly talked about the relationship with their children

Brad pitt, who almost never publicly discusses their family life, during a recent appearance on TV show The Project, unexpectedly agreed to speak a little on this topic. As admitted 55-year-old actor, on how he educates his children had a big impact of his own life experience. “In all that I do, I know his father. He grew up in extreme poverty and did everything possible to make children’s lives were better than his own. And I, following his example, trying to do the same for my children!” — told pitt.

Брэд Питт откровенно рассказал об отношениях со своими детьми

As admitted by brad, survived the crash of his marriage with Jolie and after treatment for alcoholism, he reinterpreted his role as father to his six adopted and biological children. According to pitt, he was much better able to cope with their responsibilities as part of the education. “Now, instead of trying to implement it in their heads my own experience, I learned to listen, ask questions, try to understand…”

Sorry, but that brad is not possible to use fully their newly acquired skills into practice. After all, the five younger — Tien pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, he doesn’t see too often. Despite the fact that the judge last summer ordered the ex-Suruga pitt — angelina Jolie — as often as possible to allow brad to see his children, the actress is doing everything to evade it. As far as the older Maddox, who this month turned 18, then he does not want to see father. They’re not talking to the same old argument on the plane in September 2016, after which Jolie filed for divorce. As previously reported, Maddox recently left America, went to University in South Korea. And pitt, even when he recently turned out for close to Maddox in Tokyo, did not dare to visit their son.