Brad pitt will refrain from race for the prize “Oscar”

Brad pitt said that he does not actively take part in the Oscar campaign. This statement surprised most: the actor is considered to be a major contender for an Oscar as best supporting actor for Tarantino film “Once in Hollywood”.

Брэд Питт воздержится от гонки за премией «Оскар»

Sensational statement 55-year-old actor made at a press conference in Tokyo:

I’m going to refrain from an Oscar for “One day in Hollywood” and “To the stars”.

As explained by pitt, get rewards very pleasant, but it is not the purpose of his participation in the film. In his opinion, the pursuit of figurines interfere with the purity of the game and focus on the movie.

How do you think film critics, the hype around this statement in itself could play into the hands of a movie star to get a nomination for the award. However, the lack of agitation can affect the final selection of the winner by academics.

The last time pitt is often said that he wants to switch to other projects. By the way, his production company Plan B Entertainment has already become an influential player in the field of film production.

I have other things I want to do now. When you feel you’ve completed one thing, you realize that it’s time for something new,

said pitt in an interview with The New York Times.

The latest film of brad pitt “To the stars” about the astronaut, flying in search of his father in deep space, has received rave reviews from critics. The world premiere took place in August. The film is tipped different rewards, but the favorite in the Oscar race still believe the ninth Tarantino film with the star Duo DiCaprio ― pitt, who has already received Venetian “Palme d’or”.