Bradley Cooper spotted on a walk with his daughter Leah in new York

44-year-old Bradley Cooper and 33-year-old Irina Shayk, seems to perfectly comply with the agreement on joint custody of the common daughter Leah.

Recently we saw on a walk with the baby Irina, and now it was the turn of Bradley.

Брэдли Купер замечен на прогулке с дочерью Леей в Нью-Йорке

Paparazzi caught the actor with his daughter on the streets of new York. Cooper carefully carried a two-year baby on his hands. Leia was dressed in a plaid dress and grey sweatshirt. Luggage girls miniature blue backpack — Bradley, too, like a true gentleman, took into their own hands.

Last time with Leah Bradley saw recently, in early October. Also, the actor got into the Chronicles of paparazzi at the end of September Cooper was taking care of the baby while she was at fashion weeks.

Recall that the pair broke up in June of this year after four years of relationship. According to rumors, the reason could be a fleeting affair Cooper with Lady Gaga, although the singer herself denied it and called the speculation in the press only PR of their joint film “a Star is born” (A Star Is Born).

However, in late September, the media reported that Cooper broke the singer’s heart. As told reporters the insider, Lady Gaga really fell in love with Bradley and hoped for reciprocity, but the actor didn’t seem to respond to costanoa partner on the set. The source also said that kissing Lady Gaga with her sound engineer, who got to the footage of the paparazzi, was also an attempt to awaken in Bradley jealousy.

However, it seems at the moment the role of a caring father like Cooper a lot more than the role of hero-lover! About the new novels of the actor is not known, but the time spent with her daughter, does Bradley really happy!