Brain cancer to identify not just

Brain cancer is a very dangerous disease, which is not always possible to identify, even if to do a MRI and CT scan.

Рак мозга выявить не просто

Both of these procedures can show the difference between a normal brain and a brain of a sick person. To go to the doctors and go through these procedures in humans must be strong arguments, such as head injury from road accident, and others.

Experts say that obvious signs for brain cancer in humans is not observed. There is, they note, indirect signs. Concern can be a constant heaviness in the head and headaches from morning to evening.

Stress, physical exertion can also cause headaches. If you know about my chronic migraines is a different matter, but if the headaches are chasing you “for no reason” — there should think to go to the doctors.

As the correspondent Magicforum, after injuries (car accident) the brain can grow into polyps, which can also be the cause of headaches.

But when symptoms of cancer of the brain there are times when a person does not think as he goes and what he does. According to some patients, they have from under their feet left the ground. With such feelings a doctor’s consultation and examination.

Brain cancer is significant not only pain in the head, but the fact that the person has lost memory. If the short-term memory is lost, the person does not remember what he did five minutes ago. Long-term memory that is stored for days and decades — her loss — a clear sign of problems with the brain.

It is also worth noting that vision loss is also a certain factor that your brain is sick. Brain tumor affects the eyes. Clear evidence that the brain is not in order is the blurring of vision and loss of sensation of people undergoing a number of people.