Brawl at Camping Stoneham: Saguenay police cleared

Fight at Camping Stoneham: Saguenay police cleared


No charges will ultimately be brought against the Saguenay police officers involved in a fight during an evening that degenerated on August 21, 2021 at Camping Stoneham.

Almost a year later, following a complete analysis of the investigation file, the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) came to this conclusion. 

“No charges will be brought in relation to this event, not having the conviction of a reasonable prospect of conviction, given the evidence collected and available, “said the DPCP, through its spokesperson Audrey Roy-Cloutier.

She adds that “in general, before initiating a prosecution, the prosecutor must be convinced, on the basis of his objective analysis of all the evidence”.

Actions denounced

The owner of Camping Stoneham, Camille Gagné-Sinclair, then denounced the actions of the police, who were not on duty that evening. She mentioned in the pages of the Journal that the victim had been severely beaten. 

Indeed, a man claimed to have suffered a concussion and head trauma, in addition to have a perforated eardrum. 

The Saguenay Police Department was sparing of comments, saying it was aware of the decision rendered by the DPCP. He simply said that if one or more breaches of the code of police discipline were committed, measures would be taken.

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