Brezhnev starred in is naked with her legs wide spread

Брежнева снялась в рекламе голой с широко раздвинутыми ногами

The ex-soloist of “via gra” Vera Brezhneva recently started to actively promote in your Instagramскорый outlet capsule collection of shoes.

Probably for this reason, the tape started to appear very racy photos where she poses in shoes, but with a minimum of clothing.

A special “flavor” singer prepared for early sales — she appeared completely naked.

Брежнева снялась в рекламе голой с широко раздвинутыми ногами

Of course, this married lady modestly covered her body with a pillow, and all of its delights hid behind the chair. However, according to users, the photo looks very juicy and erotic.

Let’s remind, that recently Vera Brezhnev in the Wake of rumors about a possible infidelity of her husband Konstantin Meladze decided to show everyone her perfect figure, clearly demonstrating that her husband’s mistress not necessary, if “at hand” there is such beauty. In the picture, taken during a commercial photo shoot in Verona, Brezhnev wearing a black bodysuit and tone tights, which once again emphasizes its slimness. However, fans did not appreciate the courage of the singer and advised to “kick” her stylist.

Брежнева снялась в рекламе голой с широко раздвинутыми ногами

As previously reported “FACTS”, the day before yesterday the husband of the singer Konstantin Meladze presented the video of the band “via Gra”, which is producing. In the video for the song “Lubl”, the words and music of which was written by the composer himself, the current team is dancing in the car factory against the background of the transformers, wires and pipes. Throughout the clip the girls are in an abandoned factory, where in revealing costumes sing, dance and demonstrate their form. The movie was very emotional and sexy as all the previous work of the group.

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