Brian Burke can replace the scandalously fired don cherry (PHOTO)

Брайан Бурк может заменить скандально уволенного Дона Черри (ФОТО)

Former Executive Director of the NHL Brian Burke is the main favoriterna the post don cherry on “Hockey Night in Canada”, it revealed the sports betting site. published the chances of candidates to replace the cherry after the commentator was fired by the company Sportsnet on Monday for ranting about immigrants, not wearing poppies as a sign of respect to the veterans of Canada.

Burke, who currently works as an analyst with Sportsnet, the site betting became a favorite 3-2 (need to put $2 to win $3) on the appearance in “Coach’s Corner” instead of the cherry on Saturday.

Sportsnet has not yet announced who will be on the air, only noted that they plan to keep the transmission, though without don cherry.

Among other candidates, on which the set rate, commentators Hrudey Kelly, Colby Armstrong and Craig Simpson.

The fans of hockey, of course, there are your options.

The site also takes bets on what he’ll do now, don cherry. Many believe that it will work on a different media, someone is sure that he will go into politics and to the Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford and the Conservative party.

85-year-old don cherry is not only famous for his bright blazers, you know it and outside of Canada, as it is the most famous hockey expert in the world. Because of the remarks last Saturday, addressed to the immigrants who, according to him, is not enough to honor canadian veterans, he was fired by the company Sportsnet from his post as presenter of the program “Coach’s Corner”, which was led for 37 years, always speaking sharply and more than once thus insulting the players and other members of the sector.