Brings humanity to the treatment of disease: Israeli researchers have received antibodies to coronavirus

Researchers from the Israel Institute for biological research in ness Ziona were able to obtain antibodies to coronavirus COVID-19. This writes Hromadske Radio.

Приближает человечество к лечению болезни: израильские ученые получили антитела к коронавирусу

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This discovery brings humanity to the treatment of the disease. The Institute noted that this is not a vaccine, but the discovery of the antibodies is the first step towards a vaccination, that is, the production of medicines from the epidemic may begin much earlier than expected.

It is reported that antibodies obtained from blood samples taken from patients and animals that have recovered.

As of 7 April, the number of people who have contracted the coronavirus in the world, amounted to 1 347 803, more than 277 thousand people have recovered from infection. From complications of coronavirus diseases in the world died 74 807, writes ZN.

The largest epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic in the world are the USA (368 196 infected), Spain (136 675 infected), Italy (132 547 infected) and Germany (103 375 infected).



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