Britain and the EU reached a new agreement on Brexit, but not the fact that it works (PHOTO)

Великобритания и ЕС достигли нового соглашения по Brexit, но не факт, что оно сработает (ФОТО)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the agreement with the EU Brexit. The EU representatives confirmed the existence of the agreement, reports the Russian service BBC. “We have a great new deal that returns control to us,” wrote Johnson on Twitter.

Agreement to be approved at the EU summit on 17-18 October, and then it must be approved by the British House of Commons at an emergency meeting on Saturday, October 19. However, it is possible that the House of Commons, with a majority of opponents of Boris Johnson, may not make a new version of the agreement on secession.

In the beginning of the year three times British MPs rejected the draft prepared by Brussels and the government of Theresa may, because of the provisions of the “Irish backstop”: a new solution to the problems of the Irish border would be for members of the house of Commons as an excuse or reason to vote against.

The democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP) stated that differences on the issue of the border continue, and that the party is still not ready to support the new agreement.

In late August, Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend the work of Parliament until mid-October, leaving virtually no MPs time to discuss the deal with Brussels before the British exit from the EU, scheduled for October 31. The Prime Minister denied that this step is associated with the desire to take Britain out of the EU without a deal. However, the speaker of the house of Commons John bercow expressed indignation at the actions of Johnson, and in the capital and other cities of Britain held a protest against the actions of the Prime Minister.

In London, protests were held near the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing street. One of the protesters came back in a mask of Boris Johnson, holding a shovel, and found the grave with the inscription “Rest in peace, British democracy”. Outside Parliament, demonstrators blocked the road, demanding to “stop the coup”, holding placards against Boris Johnson and sang “No one voted for Boris” (“no One voted for Boris”).

On the Parliament website also has a petition with a demand not to allow the interruption of the Parliament, which during the day was signed by more than half a million people. In addition, before going into “vacation” a law was passed that obliges the government to ask the EU for a continuance Brexit for 3 months (until 31 January 2020), if London and Brussels reach a deal on the terms of future cooperation by 19 October. Subsequently, the country’s Supreme court declared the decision of Johnson unlawful.