Britain proposed to limit the work of the dialogue on the topic of sports because of the infringement of the rights of women

В Британии предложили ограничить на работе общение на тему спорта из-за ущемления прав женщин

In the UK proposed to limit the communication of employees of firms on the sports theme. This initiative was made by the head of the Chartered management Institute (CMI) Ann Frank, reports

According to Frank, these conversations infringe the rights of distant from the world of sport of the employees of the companies.

“Many women feel left out. They do not follow such sports as football and cricket, and they don’t like being forced to talk about sports or, conversely, do not engage in conversation. I have nothing against sports fans, it’s great. But the problem is that many people are not fans of the sport”, – quotes the words of Frank the edition.

While Frank does not believe that the talk on the sports theme should be completely banned. She noted that good managers should ensure that all their staff feel comfortable.