Britain will establish an unusual toilets. Violators will scare the cold water and the sound of the siren

В Британии установят необычные туалеты. Нарушителей будут пугать холодной водой и звуком сирены

In the seaside town of Porthcawl (Wales) plan to install public toilets with measures to prevent sexual contact inside. They will be equipped with motion sensors. Violators face a siren sound and a cold shower, and the toilet door automatically opens, writes CNN.

According to WalesOnline, such toilets will cost city hall Portable of £170 million ($200 million) How will users pay for access to the interior, is still unknown.

Motion sensors inside the restrooms will be able to respond to the “violent” activity, and weight sensors are installed to detect the entrance of more than one person, starting protective measures.

Toilets have also been designed so that the homeless could not sleep in them: if the user remains too long in the toilet, will sound a warning message, and the light and the heating will turn off.

The toilets have already been criticized in social networking, some call such a structure a ruthless and humiliating.