Britain will release after a December 12 report on the intervention of the Russian Federation concerning Prime Minister Boris Johnson (PHOTO)

Великобритания опубликует после 12 декабря доклад о вмешательстве РФ, касающийся премьера Бориса Джонсона (ФОТО)

The UK government will publish a parliamentary report on the results of the investigation of the alleged Russian interference in British policy after the early parliamentary elections on 12 December. With this announcement made on Sunday, November 17, the Minister of security in the UK Brandon Lewis.

Prepared by the parliamentary Committee on intelligence and security report has been checked by the secret services, the opposition is accusing the government in opposing its publication, because the document may contain information regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party, reports “Voice of America”.

Minister Brandon Lewis explained that the report cannot be published due to restrictions imposed by law on government publications during the election campaign.

The report on the Russian intervention in British politics, in particular, in a referendum on Brexit, was to be published on 4 November. In a report in 50 pages, prepared by the Committee for intelligence and security of the British Parliament, it is argued that the results of the referendum in 2016 on withdrawal from the EU has been distorted by the activities of the Kremlin. At that time one of the main supporters of the idea of the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union was the current Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson.

Johnson himself has officially stated that he did not see in the report no evidence that Russia has indeed intervened in British politics.

In Britain tend to consider this statement of the Prime Minister, as a signal of the intention of the conservative government to “normalize” relations with Russia. Therefore, the Conservative party has ignored the evidence that pointed to Russia in the “Litvinenko case”, said the British politician and former head of the parliamentary group on Russia, Chris Bryant. In an interview with The Guardian, he noted that a powerful stream of money of Russian oligarchs in the UK, in particular, has affected the Conservative party.

“Sometimes the funds invest the oligarchs themselves, for example, Alexander Temerko, who earned on the sale of weapons. Sometimes, wives of oligarchs, who received British citizenship, as in the case of Love Chernukhin, whose husband was a Deputy Finance Minister Putin,” said Bryant. According to him, since 2009 the Russians have invested in the Conservative party at least 3.5 million pounds, of which not less than 500 thousand pounds last year alone.

As recalled by “Radio Liberty”, a few days ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 election Donald Trump, voiced sharp criticism of the British authorities due to their unwillingness to publish the results of the investigation of possible Russian intervention in the politics of the United Kingdom.

In an interview with the BBC, in particular, called “inexplicable and shameful” the decision of the British government to abandon the publication of the report about a possible Russian intervention in British politics until the early elections on 12 December. According to Clinton, she was literally “stunned by the news”. “Every voter intending to vote in the elections deserves to get acquainted with the report prior to the election,” Clinton said in an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 5.

Earlier, the UK has repeatedly accused Russia of interference or attempted interference in elections in the West. Moscow categorically denies these accusations.