British Columbia: Premier John Horgan resigns

British Columbia: Premier John Horgan resigns


Citing health reasons, British Columbia Premier John Horgan announced Tuesday afternoon that he will step down as soon as his party finds a successor after his term of office. a leadership race.

Last fall, the leader of the British Columbian NDP, now 62, developed throat cancer that forced him to take a step back in the management of his province, in the midst of the flood crisis and resurgence of COVID-19.

The Prime Minister said he was now cured of his cancer, but the latter gave him pause. “I am proud to say that I am cancer free. Although I am full of energy, I must admit that this may not be the case in two years,” Mr. Horgan dropped during a press conference.

“J came to the conclusion that I couldn't do six more years. It was the most exciting time of my life as Premier of British Columbia,” he added.

John Horgan came to the head of British Columbia in July 2017, thanks to an alliance between the NDP and the Green Party which had made it possible to overthrow the minority Liberal government. He was re-elected in October 2020.

Over the past five years, he has put forward measures to support the most disadvantaged British Columbians and to fight real estate inflation, which is particularly virulent in Vancouver. He also became known for his fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline project, which led Kinder Morgan to sell its project to the federal government.

“He will be missed”

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, paid tribute to his provincial counterpart.

“Premier Horgan has made life better for British Columbians. Whether it's taking ambitious climate action, bringing more affordable child care to BC families starting this year, or helping people through the pandemic COVID-19, his strong leadership has changed the lives of the people of the province for the better,” he said in a written statement.

“He will be missed at the Premiers' table. I offer him and his family my best wishes for the future,” added Mr. Trudeau

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