British nutritionist said about the benefits of honey for dermatitis and cough

A nutritionist from the UK, Nicola Shobrak explained the usefulness of honey against a number of diseases. In particular, this delicacy is a remedy in some diseases of the throat and skin.

Британский диетолог рассказал о пользе меда при дерматите и кашле

We know that if refined sugar consists of fructose and glucose in equal proportions, the composition of honey is more diverse. Honey contains about 40% fructose and 30% glucose, the rest is potassium, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, as well as pollen and water. And although it’s more nutritious, it is also sweeter, so to use require less.

Researchers have noted the usefulness of honey for sore throat and for the symptomatic relief of cough. But at the same time clarify that OTC cough medicine still tend to be more effective.

Scientists have found that honey is characterized by the natural antibacterial properties of broad spectrum. It has a positive impact on the healing of wounds while minimizing scarring. In addition, during the pilot study, it was found that honey significantly helps with seborrheic dermatitis of a chronic nature.