Britney Spears has sharply grown old

Heavy and clumsy life once pop Princess Britney Spears, which is now more reminiscent of the aging Queen mother. The singer only 37 years, and the network noted that it looks a lot worse youthful and taut 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez.

Бритни Спирс резко постарела

Yes, Britney shows that she is still in the form, laying in Instagram their fitness training, and yet, like Volochkova, twines and other grimaces and jumps. However, not the image of pinesnake, not having a boyfriend close to 10 years younger (which seems to be a PR for her), don’t make Britney more beautiful. If you look at pictures of the Spears face closeup, you can see deep wrinkles, sagging skin, it is typical for women in menopause for 60 and not for girls, who is not yet 40 years old.

Yes, life patted Britney, maybe all this affected her appearance. It all started with her divorce from Kevin Federline in 2009. Then, rumor has it, Spears hooked on drugs and became crazy. Attacked paparazzi with an umbrella, shaved her head, and behaved, to put it mildly, not quite adequate. Then the father became the caretaker of Britney to guide the daughter on the right path, put in rehab, and watched her state, forcing, and new songs to record, and to the gym to walk.

Not so long ago Britney said that they are ready for independent swimming and wants to get out of the custody of the parent who, by the way, has access to large accounts daughter. Dad didn’t like it, and, according to rumors, after another conversation, he forcefully sent her daughter to rehab, even though she didn’t need to.

Recently Britney in respect of which stood her mother, lost to the court to cancel the guardianship and filed a new appeal. All this could not exhaust the singer, and, of course, is reflected on the exterior.

In the case of Papa Spears, commercialism takes over the paternal feelings, so with her daughter he started a blood feud. And I wonder what will finally end this show, because judging by the fact that their child in rehab, he was able to send the letter of the law on the side of the parent.

From the same Spears have not heard, new hits, she really gives a show in Las Vegas, but large stadiums to gather, it seems she has not.