Britney Spears impressed the fans in physical form

The singer challenged his body, increasing the burden tripled.

Бритни Спирс поразила поклонников физической формой

American pop singer Britney Spears never ceases to amaze fans of the physical form.

This time 37-year-old singer challenged herself. Every morning Britney swims in the pool 20 laps. But the star decided to increase the load three times. And all in order to really perk up in the morning and charged with reckless energy. A video in which the artist swims 60 laps, it is published online.

“Every day I swim 20 laps. Usually water makes me sleepy, so today I have challenged myself and accomplished it! Yes, swim 60 laps was really hard,” Britney wrote on his page in Instagram.

Also, the singer apologized to fans for what was in the video without my face on. But subscribers in response assured that she is beautiful without make-up. Users have called Britney the Queen of the pool, and routine. “Olympic swimmer”, “die hard”, “wow, so many sailed,” – commented fans.