Britney Spears still struggles with low self-esteem: “That’s why I slouch”

The singer performs exercises for posture, to improve emotional state.

Бритни Спирс до сих пор борется с низкой самооценкой: «Вот почему я сутулюсь»

Recently Britney Spears has shared in his Instagram video, in which he demonstrated exercises for the back. In the video, the singer dressed in a bikini, doing exercises of yoga paired with a coach who supports her, lying on his back.

Body language is everything! How we speak and how you carry yourself can affect our mood. I have problems with self esteem, so I slouch. These exercises every day to help me become stronger also perform their fun. Every time I feel the effect of them, because it was not used when my back arched,

— said in a microblog Spears. In the video, the singer noted that arching my back and inverted postures open the chest area and make it easier to breathe.

Britney can be called a sports fan — if she doesn’t do yoga and stretching, she is at the gym and regularly posts snippets of their studies in Instagram.

Not like a lot of cardio. My body has good muscle memory, I used to be a gymnast. I like the isolated exercise. The most important thing — repetition. But it’s pretty boring, so I got a booklet with different favorite exercises

told in the social network star.