Britney Spears won a sports figure in mini shorts and top

The singer is heavily involved in sports

Бритни Спирс покорила спортивной фигурой в мини-шортах и топе

Britney Spears continues to show the spirit of sports, as well as a chiseled figure. The girl posted yet another video with a workout. This time she chose to practice location in nature. “Thank God for Mother Nature… She’s my best friend at the moment… My normal routine of yoga and exercises with weights always make me move! A great day,” wrote Britney.

Britney Spears at work (photo:

The singer performs some stretching exercises with elements of yoga and classic fitness exercise and weight with dumbbells. A star looks like, as always, full of enthusiasm and energy.

She is engaged in a seductive outfit – black top, opens the abdomen, and also daring ultra-short pink shorts in large black peas. In addition, she picked up orange sneakers with Bellamy socks. The hair she braided into a high ponytail and my makeup was left the “brand” – its smoky Britney does not change even in training.

By the way, she recently for the first time showed the face of virtually no makeup. 37-year-old star swimmer, setting his personal record. Achievements she boasted on Twitter, attaching the video.

“Yes, I did today your challenge is 60 laps, and Yes, it was difficult! When I’m swimming in a circle in the mornings, I then have to take a NAP… Water makes me sleep like a baby! Does anyone know about a new brand of coffee? Anyway… this dazzling sparkling day… the sun is so beautiful… it makes the pool Shine! PS: Sorry, I’m not wearing makeup, but sometimes a girl’s face needs to breathe.”