Broadway star Laurel Griggs tragically died

The cause of death of 13-year-old Laurel Griggs was disclosed a few hours after the first news of the tragic demise of the Broadway star.

Бродвейская звезда Лорел Григгс трагически умерла

Laurel Griggs died on 5 November in new York, after a severe attack of asthma, as told by her family edition of the New York Post. According to her grief-stricken grandfather of David Rivlin, rushed to the hospital at mount Sinai, where she was trying to save to no avail. “The world has lost a real Princess who just wanted to make a happy future for all,” he said in a message on Facebook. “Acting was just a childhood dream, and she had big plans for the future.” Social networks were bombarded with emotional messages for Laurel ever since the first time I heard about her death on 9 November. “My heart is with the family of Griggs,” wrote someone on Twitter November 10.

According to her family, Laurel and I visited the Clinton school in Chelsea, which was closed for half a day on 7 November, the day of her funeral service at the Park West-riverside Chapels. They also said that in the afternoon of 10 November in Chelsea will host a memorial service to honor her memory.
She had a very successful career for someone who was so young. Laurel made his Broadway debut along with 34-year-old Scarlett Johannson in the play “Cat on a hot tin roof” in 2013. She also spent almost two years, between 2013 and 2015, in the role of Ivanka in the competition “Tony”, which received a Tony award and received two netradicionnye performances in a long series of night sketches NBC Saturday Night Live in 2017.

A former associate Laurel Lucas Papaelias, 43, wrote a heartbreaking tribute to her in Instagram November 10, placing them joint photo. “We will never forget this sweet, talented young soul,” he said in his post.
On her IMDb page lists a lot of great things about the late actress, including her charitable work for AIDS , concern for justice, her life in new York with her parents Elizabeth Rivlin and Andrew Griggs and how she enjoyed the daily activities, such as swimming, singing and skating on ice.