Broke apart and caught fire: in Turkey, the plane crashed during landing

At the airport Sabiha gökçen in Istanbul (Turkey) plane skidded off the runway. After landing, the plane broke apart and caught fire. About it writes RBC.

Развалился на части и загорелся: в Турции самолет потерпел крушение при посадке

Photo: Depositphotos

“The Pegasus plane just crashed at the airport Sabiha Gokcen,” wrote Twitter user, posting video of the incident.

After boarding the plane the fire started, previously, on Board were 177 passengers, they were all evacuated. No one was hurt, writes “Kommersant”.

Passenger Boeing 738 Pegasus Airlines, flying from Turkish Izmir to Istanbul could not stop at the runway during landing and moved out.

After the accident at the airport in Istanbul were temporarily suspended flights. The planes that had to land there, redirected to the airport “Istanbul”. The incident occurred around 18:00 local time, all passengers were evacuated, and now there are firemen, paramedics and police.


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