Broke my neck in Moscow killed the terrorist “LNR”

Сломали шею: в Москве убили террористку «ЛНР»

In the Russian capital, was found dead terrorist “LNR” Catherine Tokarenko. This was reported by blogger Necro Mancer on Twitter.

“Tokarenko Ekaterina (Ivano-Frankivsk/Odessa 15/03/90) was found in Moscow in the bathroom with a broken neck” — he wrote.

Network write that the leaders of the terrorist organization “LNR” awarded her the medal “For military merit”.

The terrorist was a native of Ivano-Frankivsk, lived in Odessa. Added to the database of the site “Peacemaker”.

While living in Odessa, was an active member of the anti-Ukrainian actions under the leadership of the notorious Russian mercenary Alexey Ivakin. Since February 2014, he worked on the reception and accommodation in Odessa Russian terrorists involved in the events on the Kulikovo field.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, in March known terrorist “DNR” Svetlana Druk moved to the side of Ukraine. She was the only female commander of a tank crew of fighters of “DNR” and became the heroine of the propaganda film “Opalchenska”.

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