Broken Stud boxer said that helped him to emerge from his coma (photos, video)

Побитый Гвоздиком боксер рассказал, что помогло ему выйти из комы (фото, видео)

Canadian boxer light heavyweight Adonis Stevenson (29 wins, 24 of them by knockout, 2 losses, 1 draw), knocked out in the beginning of December last year, Ukrainian Alexander Carnations in a fight for WBC frankly told him, that helped him to extricate himself from the light and out of the coma after that fight.

If you aren’t married, I’d be gone. All this thanks to my wife. I heard her while I was in a coma. I said to myself: “Be strong, it is there for you. I don’t want to leave this world, do not want to die and leave his wife and his daughter without me. I want to stay here. For them I fought, all my life, every day, even in a coma I fought hard to at one point to go up and see my daughter. That was my dream. I’m not going to go away. I was sleeping and at the same time fought, saying to himself: “Your daughter doesn’t even know you. You have to fight!”. When I was a child I never knew my father. When I was little, I always cried and asked: “Why is my father not here?” I wanted to know who he is. Oh my God, I’ve never even seen pictures of him! I would not like that same thing happened to my daughter, “—reports the words of boxer the website Fightnews.

Побитый Гвоздиком боксер рассказал, что помогло ему выйти из комы (фото, видео)Adonis Stevenson with his wife and daughter

Note that Stevenson returned to the gym after an injury and even a little Boxing with a punching bag. However, on the return to professional Boxing it is not.

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Published by Adonis Stevenson (@adonissuperman) 4 Nov 2019, 9:10 PDT

And after his abuser Alexander Carnations was defeated by Arthur Beterbieva a unification bout for the WBC and IBF, Adonis recorded emotional the CCA words of support to Ukrainians.


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