Brossard man accused of kidnapping wife will plead not guilty

Brossard man charged with kidnapping wife will plead no- guilty


The 35-year-old Brossard man suspected of impersonating a police officer to kidnap his ex-spouse in January, Ontario, will plead 'not guilty', his lawyer has claimed according to CTV News .

Mohamad Lilo appeared Wednesday afternoon in a virtual courtroom in Barrie and will remain in custody.

He has been charged with kidnapping in connection with the disappearance of his former spouse on January 12, in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

He is also charged with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping, in connection with an attack on this same ex-spouse having taken place in December 2021 in Richmond Hill, still in Ontario.

Mohamad Lilo was arrested Tuesday shortly before 2 p.m. while driving in his car not far from Mail Champlain, in Brossard.

He was then driven in a police vehicle by officers from the Ontario Provincial Police to the Saint-Hubert airport, to then be flown to Ontario.

He is suspected of having kidnapped, with the help of two other individuals, his former spouse, Elnaz Hajtamiri, a 38-year-old Iranian immigrant. The victim has still not been found.

Mohamad Lilo is said to have tried for the first time to kidnap his former spouse last December in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The woman is said to have was badly beaten with a frying pan by two men, possibly including Mohamad Lilo, in an underground car park.

The woman needed around 40 stitches to her head as a result of this aggression.