Bruxism why people grind their teeth during sleep?

Some people experience this phenomenon at night as grinding the teeth. It can be frustrating, ugly, creepy, but escape from it seems impossible. But actually grinding the teeth at rest may indicate quite serious health problems. Read more talk about it in the material.

Бруксизм: почему люди скрипят зубами во сне?

The reasons why people’s teeth grinding

First, grind your teeth man in a dream maybe because of the tendency to epilepsy.

Secondly, this phenomenon is cause diseases or defects of the teeth. They may be congenital or acquired. For example, due to malocclusion, uneven dentition, individual teeth wobbly.

Third, teeth grinding can be the cause of restless muscles. This could arise from fatigue, nervous exhaustion, excitation, caused by different factors, including medication or coffee.

Fourth, grinding the teeth during sleep also cause disorders of the jaw structure.

Many believe that people grind their teeth at night because of worms. This is partly true. But the disease is called enterobiasis.

The risk of bruxism

Few people, perhaps, will delight the creaking of the teeth. This is especially true of close friends, who are forced to listen to ode at night. But if the bruxism? Unfortunately, you can really talk about its dangers.

As this phenomenon is often spoken about possible epilepsy, it is missing such an important symptom, can have serious consequences for the running of the disease.

If we are talking about temporary stress or fatigue, but this is not good. First, stress has a negative impact on the overall health. Second, because of the constant creaking of teeth are formed and their damage.

When the cause of the bone defect of the jaw this problem will only intensify. For example, the more messed up the bite, the shape of the person will develop the disease the cheeks.

Well, it should be noted that because of creaking the teeth, greatly deteriorating the quality of sleep. If the person can not relax, his jaw clenching, and muscles continue to work. In the morning it may worsen the mood, he doesn’t sleep enough, headaches.