Buddies won millions because of the confusion and bad memory

Приятели выиграли миллионы из-за путаницы и плохой памяти

The confusion helped the buddies from South Australia to double lottery win. Reported by Nine News.

Two colleagues for many years played the lottery. They usually buy lottery tickets at a time, but before the last draw was tangled in the chart. As a result, tickets with the same numbers bought both.

At Saturday’s draw dropped those rooms, which they made. Winnings amounted to 1.67 million Australian dollars. Since the buddies were not one, but two tickets, this amount will get one and the other.

“It’s hard to believe that our numbers fell in the very week when the tickets were both, — admitted one of them. — If you knew us, you would understand that far more likely than a scenario in which our rooms are removed from the drum, just when we forgot to buy a lottery ticket”.

Fans of the lottery I plan to retire from work and to retire.