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Буффон установив рекорд завойованих титулів у Серії А

Gianlugi Buffon

Naperedodni, two Turi to FSU Ser And Juventus 9th time I popl 36th through Europe non-stop from the history vigra championship Tel.

For the legendary holker turuncu Gianlugi Buffon the title of becoming the 10th from car R, and VIN in the CIM pokajnica, installing last record Ser A.

Have skarbnik 42-ronago talica little bootie 11 Titov, ale VIN on year valukas s Ser And Prowse season-2018/19 the “Par Saint-Germain”, s Yakima vigra championship Franc.

One title from Gianlugi vascauti Yogo WRN colleagues on which ln Leonardo Bonucci I Giorgio K lln.

Naadam scho Buffon gra in skladi “Juventus” z 2001 roku.

Dadamo scho in skladi “Staro signiori” gra football have yakogo in record 10 champansky titulu – TSE Douglas Costa.

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