Bulgaria for 10 years denied entry to the founder of the ‘Tsar’ Konstantin Malofeev (PHOTO)

Болгария на 10 лет запретила въезд основателю 'Царьграда' Константину Малофееву (ФОТО)

The Bulgarian authorities for 10 years has banned the entry of Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Constantinople” Konstantin Malofeev. About it reports the local edition of the Dnes.dir citing attorney General of the Republic of Sotira Nazarova.

Close to the Kremlin, the Russian businessman who is already under sanctions because of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, was denied entry in accordance with the law on foreign nationals. The head of the Supervisory authority explained that Malofeev is involved in the investigation of money laundering and his case is connected with the case of the Chairman of the Bulgarian movement “Russophiles” Nicholas crimson. He was arrested on 10 September as part of the investigation of the espionage case.

“In the course of this investigation have been identified cash flows that reach a certain person, a certain commercial companies or of certain public organizations. Specific person to which I refer, is Nikolay crimson.” said Nazarov.

According to prosecutors, Bulgaria, Malofeyev and the former Director associated with the Kremlin of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Leonid Reshetnikov through the society’s “double-Headed eagle” and led the Crimson movement “Russophiles” funded projects in Bulgaria. Reshetnikov, the Republic’s authorities banned the entry of 10 years the day before, September 10. The decision was made by the head of the State Agency for national security Bulgaria.

Konstantin Malofeev is listed in, among other things, Chairman of the Society for the development of Russian historical education, “double-Headed eagle”. Lieutenant-General in reserve, Leonid Reshetnikov, is a Deputy Chairman of the Council of this society. He in 2016 has taken the initiative to create this organization, RBC reports.

Nazarov noted that in the investigation of the case of the crimson in three cities of Bulgaria held at least 11 searches, confiscated computers and documents, interviewed 15 people as witnesses, and arrested eight people. The espionage charges filed only one Malinovo. He was released on bail of 50 thousand BGN (more than 28 thousand dollars) and can not travel outside of Bulgaria.

The attorney General rejected the version that the criminal case was opened in order to sweep the political field before the election and is an attempt by the prosecution for certain views. According to Nazarova, in this case, ideas are imposed on “money and influence” and pose a threat to national security.

On Wednesday in the Bulgarian Parliament by the Chairman of the State Agency national security Dimitar Georgiev and the interior Minister Mladen Marinov. They told MPs on the progress of the investigation. However, these explanations parliamentarians are not satisfied, then the legislature called the public Prosecutor of Sotira Nazarova.

We will remind, the billionaire founder of TV channel “Tsargrad” Konstantin Malofeev is one of the key figures responsible for Russian expansion in Europe, in particular the “hybrid war” in Ukraine. He is considered a “sponsor” of the Pro-Russian militias fighting under the flags of DNR and LNR, although he Malofeev claimed to be acting on purely humanitarian grounds. The billionaire has also supported the idea of joining Russia is not only Crimea, but Eastern Ukraine.

Konstantin Malofeev was a member of “Fair Russia”, but then decided to leave the party, writes The Insider . According to the businessman, he can work in the party and the world Russian people’s Council, where he APR is Deputy Chairman. “It turned out that these two positions are incompatible – in the Cathedral too much work”, – he said.