Burger King will be treated to free hamburgers to people who are stuck in U.S. airports

Burger King offers the travelers during the Christmas season a delicious consolation for those whose flights are delayed — free signature burgers Whoppers Impossible, writes USA Today.

Burger King угостит бесплатными гамбургерами тех, кто застрял в аэропортах США

Photo: Depositphotos

Until December 30, the fast food chain offers a “late” nicer than is usual. Unlike last year’s campaign “Whopper Detour” that has sent the hungry fans of the hamburgers in McDonald’s restaurants, you will need to be at the airport in order to get a free sandwich.

“We know holiday travel can be extremely difficult, and there’s nothing worse than all these uncontrollable delays, said Chris Finazzo, President of Burger King North America. — We wanted to surprise our guests, inviting those whose flights are delayed, Impossible free Whoppers”.

Hamburger vegetable-based, was developed by company Impossible Foods from Silicon valley, was launched across the country in August.

Here is how it works promotion: up to December 30, travelers at any airport in the USA can download the app BK up and enter information about your delayed flight. After that, the app users will automatically receive a coupon for a free Whopper Impossible, which you can redeem at participating Burger King restaurants until 6 January.

The network also released a short video on YouTube explaining how it works advertising campaign.

The promotion applies only to domestic flights USA before departure, and service location must be included in accordance with the terms of the promotion. Registration applications are also required.

Not all restaurants accept digital coupons, the coupon is not valid in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

According to representatives of the company last year as part of the campaign, Burger King Whopper now downloaded 1.5 million of their applications. The campaign offered sandwiches for a penny for the app users near McDonald’s restaurant, and then took them to Burger King.