Burned yourself: the cheerleader was threatened with prison for going to a football match

Сожгла себя: болельщице грозила тюрьма за поход на футбольный матч

The tragedy ended for the 30-year-old Iranian women Sugar of Hodari (pictured) unauthorised camping on a football match. In March, she was stopped by police when in the guise of men (in a blue wig and long coat) was trying to get into the match favorite club “Esteglal” at the stadium “Azadi” in Tehran. Because women in Iran are banned from attending games men’s teams, Hodari arrested for three days, then released on bail.

Last week at the hearing, Sugar learned that she faces from six months to two years in prison. Then at the courthouse, she poured petrol over himself and committed arson, as he passed away a few days in one of hospitals of Tehran.

Sugar was known in social networks as “Blue girl” as the preferred colors of his beloved Iran football team — Tehran “Esteglal”.

Death of a cheerleader has responded to FIFA expressing his condolences and urging the Iranian authorities to lift the ban on women to attend stadiums.

“We deeply regret this tragedy. FIFA expresses its condolences to the family and friends Sugar. We repeat our appeals to Iranian authorities to ensure freedom and security to all women participating in the legitimate struggle for the abolition of the ban on their access to the stadiums”, — stated in the message of FIFA.

With condolences to the family of the deceased made the team “Esteglal”. In particular, the former midfielder of Bayern Munich Ali Karimi (127 matches in the shirt of the national team of Iran!), active speaker to the Iranian nationality are allowed to visit football stadiums, urged citizens of the Islamic Republic to boycott the visit of the matches in protest against repression, which eventually led to the death of Hodari. Iranian football player of Armenian origin, Teymourian Andranik, the first Christian who will be the captain of the national team of Iran and is also a player “Esteglal”, expressed the hope in his Twitter that one of the main football stadiums of Tehran will be named in honor of Hodari “in the future”.

In turn, the Minister of information and communication technologies of the country Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi called the incident a 30-year supporter of the “bitter incident”.

Recall that women in Iran are prohibited from attending football matches with the participation of men since 1981. The ban was temporarily lifted during last year’s world championship in Russia when the national team matches were broadcast in the arena in Tehran.

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