Busevec told, will increase electricity rates Ukrainians

In Ukraine before the end of this year, the electricity tariff will not be increased.

Буславец рассказала, повысят ли тарифы на свет украинцам

As reports “Hvil”, this was stated by acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec.

“The tariff for the population we have this year, like last year, unchanged. And no need to disturb society. There are different statements, but we have to say that the population receives electrical energy at a fixed price”, – stressed Bukovec during the meeting to implement the decisions of the crisis staff.

However, she noted that, in relation to industry, the change in the rate of NEC “Ukrenergo” for industrial consumers should be the “last event” solutions to existing problems. “If you were just using the rate of NEK “Ukrenergo” to resolve the fiscal imbalance if it was a simple solution, it would have taken. So we are talking about complex solutions in order to avoid higher tariffs and the prices for electric energy”.

In addition, Bukovec noticed today that the crisis in the energy sector is unprecedented in history. She also stressed that is called “unrequited state policy, which has signs of conscious of bringing state energy industries to bankruptcy.