Business immigrants in the United States and the lifting of the quarantine: what do you think about our situation in the country

Ukrainians in the United States, including businessmen, told VOA News on how related to the removal of quarantine restrictions for the service sector.

Бизнесмены-иммигранты в США и отмена карантина: что думают наши о ситуации в стране

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The first state in the United States, which quickly got out of quarantine, became GA. The Governor is allowed to return to work, most companies from the service sector, in particular beauty salons, restaurants and gyms. However, the Americans reacted cautiously to the lifting of restrictions, and some business owners are not in a hurry to get to work. And a similar situation exists across the country, said the Ukrainians living in the United States.

For example, Natalia Oniskiv living in Atlanta and oppose the imminent lifting of restrictions, but believes that beauty can work in safe mode. She has managed to assess the terms of service on his experience during a visit to the hairdresser.

“I felt completely comfortable. For me, no one breathed, no one coughed. All the staff wear gloves, masks. It probably depends on the salon, in particular from its owners, from visitors,” says Natalia. And restaurants and gyms, the girl considers, to open a bit early, because there are too difficult to adhere to safety rules. “In the next few weeks I would not go to a restaurant or to the gym. Although I know enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for the opening of these institutions”.

The same owners of small businesses in Georgia are faced with a dilemma: to risk and to open or continue to lose profit.

Ukrainian from Feodosiya Lisa of Caritas and her husband own five restaurants in Atlanta. Open they are not in a hurry.

“We decided to remain closed, because our priority is the safety of our guests and our employees and team. We believe that while not ready to open”.

After two or three weeks the situation may change, but for now only two restaurants Lisa cook-out. Thus, says the restaurateur, they try to keep workers who do not receive unemployment benefits because they do not fall under the state approved criteria.

In the Northern United States, in Chicago, remains closed restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine “Trident”. The owner Myron Levytsky says that the format for the preparation of take-away food for them didn’t work. The restaurant made an exception just for Easter — they sold holiday baskets with homemade cakes and sausages.

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In Illinois, unlike Georgia, the authorities do not plan to remove the quarantine restrictions. Levitsky, who in the first place is safety and the unique atmosphere of his establishments did not think to open in may, but plans for June.

“You may have to wear masks, sit at a distance from each other. We want to open and run. But to work in more pleasant circumstances. We are not interested in the restaurant looked like operating — said the owner of “Trident”.

And Myron and Lisa asked for assistance from the state for food service workers, but as yet no reply received.

Lisa, who with her husband built this business for 14 years, said that they will have to start from scratch.

“Unfortunately, even after opening the recovery process will be very long. It will take not a year or two until we will achieve results that were as of March 19. However, we now have more experience.”

However, businessmen are optimistic. In the current situation they see no other option than to stay at home to protect your business and employees, and most importantly hope for the best.

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