Business slows down for ranchers

Business is down for breeders


After record pet sales during the pandemic, business is now tougher for many Quebec breeders. 

Several breeders interviewed by Le Journal as part of the National Pet Show confirmed that the rising cost of living is also being felt in the animal industry. 

According to Nathalie Gagnon, who breeds cats in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, the increase in costs for veterinary care is hampering consumers, among other things. 

“Inflation, ç appeared in sales. It's even a reason why I'm thinking of quitting, ”she says.

For the owner of Élevage Caniche AMH, Anne-Marie Héneault, the pandemic has completely disrupted her industry. ” It's painful. The customers are in a hurry, a bit naughty at times,” she says.

That's not counting the people who want to get rid of the animals that came to fill a void during the pandemic. 

“We see abandonments, clients returning to work and budgets are tighter and they want to invest less […] Veterinarians are 30% increase, “she noted.

More scammers

According to Anima Quebec, a national association for the welfare of animals, the pandemic has also caused an increase in scammers in the world of breeders.

General Manager Chantal Allinger urges people to be careful. “It's not normal if you can get a [purebred] animal very quickly. There may be exceptions, but usually good breeders have waiting lists,” she warns, mentioning that the vast majority of breeders do it for a good cause and love the animals.

Marie-Élaine Guitard from l'Élevage Inukshuk with his spouse Jason Kouri, their son Jérémy and Roméo, a Japanese spitz.

Ms Allinger also believes that the animal industry in general needs restructuring. “We see it with the shelters, there is not enough supervision […] Anyone tomorrow morning can open a SPA without experience and it's the same thing with the farms. »

A popular show

Member of the «Flying team» Corinne Lamy from Sherbrooke took part in a demonstration with Tokyo, a Malinois from the Belgian Shepherd family.

Despite a sluggish industry, dogs, cats and reptiles did not lose popularity as the aisles of the National Pet Show were packed with families and enthusiasts on Saturday at the Center de fairs.

After a missed appointment in 2020 and a modest edition in 2021, due to COVID-19, animal lovers had spread the word to visit the some 200 exhibitors.

“We see, people were eager to come back. The visitors arrived early and it didn't let up,” says Michel Beausoleil, co-promoter of the event, which continues on Sunday.

“For the exhibitors, we are at full capacity and it's around 14 000 people who should come by the end of the week,” he rejoices, adding that the show is on its way to beating the attendance of previous editions.

The competitions and dog shows obviously drew the crowds , but very rare pedigree dogs and reptiles were also popular.

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