“But only if grandma doesn’t mind!”: vocalist KAZKA dreams of an erotic photo shoot

Host of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine” Maria Miller met with members of the popular group KAZKA and found out who the soloist of the trio of Alexander zaritska asks permission for a new photo shoot and whether to change its bright appearance.

«Но только если бабушка не будет против!»: вокалистка KAZKA мечтает об эротической фотосессии

Recently, a group of KAZKA returned from America, where he gave several concerts. Soloist of the popular trio of Alexander zaritska frankly told him what difference he saw between Ukrainian women and American women, and what this journey has inspired her.

“I remember the American girls because they are all very different, incredibly open, and it even seemed to me that they have no fear”-

says the actress.

Perhaps this is what inspired the girl to put a candid photo in his Instagram account.

“I’m curious to experiment, it is interesting to look at myself from different angles… for Example, right now I’m thinking to do some interesting photo shoot in the erotic style. We need only talk to my grandmother to agree, because she often makes comments to me, but I slowly taught her and please be patient”-

said Sasha.

And Sasha has something to show. In addition to the seductive forms of the girl proves beauty is not weight, and parameters, and to improve themselves can any woman.

“I think it’s no big deal, the main thing is to feel good! Because if in the mirror you don’t like yourself, you have to do something. We need to change spiritually and to learn to accept yourself for who you are, otherwise you will not cope with this problem.” –

says vocalist KAZKA.