Butusov stated about attempts of invasion of Russia in our energy market

Russia is trying to invade the energy market for financial destruction of the energy industry and stop the development of fuel-free “green” energy sources with the aim to get more influence on Ukraine.

Бутусов заявил о попытках вторжения России на наш энергорынок

About this on air of the program “Freedom of speech with Savik Shuster” said the chief editor of the edition “Censor.no” Yury Butusov.

According to him, in Ukraine in 2015 was signed by the national plan for the development of alternative energy, and in 2017, signed by Ukraine’s Energy strategy-2035, and despite the work done by Ukrainian and foreign partners, these documents are intentionally not run in favor of Russia.

“Unfortunately, the planning documents in Ukraine is as a PR. They live together with those who released them, and quickly forgotten… And what price for the absence of these strategies? We are at war with an enemy whose strategy is. Russia is trying to invade our energy via Belarus through the Russian Federation. Russia has a systemic pressure on all fronts. In the end, it turns out that this war is not just our losses, and there is the real blood of the people,” — said Butusov.

According to him, Ukraine is living without a real energy strategy and solve the problems that have accumulated 30 years, one month will not work. As a result, says Butusov billions of hryvnias of losses to the industry and the loans, including Energoatom, will have to cover the expense of taxpayers.

“It is absolutely extraordinary as in the energy sector. And I think that, of course, if again we’re speaking, and negotiations (with Russia – ed.) if we find a compromise instead to speak honestly about what is happening, that’s all these billions in losses will again, as always, charged to a state company,” — said the journalist.

As reported, the import from Russia was opened in September at the initiative of people’s Deputy Andrey Gerus. In Q1 Ukraine imported from Russia 54 million kWh of electricity and more than 150 million kWh of Belarus.

In late April, the Department of energy and environmental protection has developed a new energy balance for 2020 and completely refused to supply electricity from Belarus and Russia.

On the eve of the acting head of Minamaneho Olga Bukovec said that because of the significant surplus (overproduction) of electricity Ukraine refuses to import supplies. This situation will persist in the coming years, said Bukovec, so the question of imports for the country is not relevant.