By the end of 2019 on the shelves will be new cannabis products, including distilled drinks (PHOTOS)

К концу 2019 на полках появятся новые продукты из конопли, включая дистиллированные напитки (ФОТО)

Corporation Canopy Growth expects about 30 products with a new generation on the market by year-end, including distilled cannabis, which can be added to drinks.

The President of the Corporation RAID Kovacevic stated that they will begin with edible products and wapow, and specifically to the end of December they plan to release 32 new units, and then add another 20 over the next 12 months.

Products of cannabis, such as drinks and supplements become law on 17 October, a year after Canada legalized the herb for recreational use.

However, due to the mandatory 60-day period for which companies must notify Health Canada before they can sell new goods at the earliest of the announced products will legally be able to get on the shelves in mid-December.

Kovacevic said that this will depend on the province, but it will take a little time to new products was sent and passed through the distribution centres before reaching the legal retail shelves.