By the end of August the USCIS will dismiss two-thirds of the employees

Service citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) will dismiss two-thirds of its employees because of lack of budget and due to the fact that Congress was unable to reach agreement on the package of financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus. About it writes USA Today.

К концу августа USCIS уволит две трети сотрудников

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USCIS notified, about 13 400 20 000 of its staff that on August 30 they will be dismissed for lack of budget. The Agency is hoping that Congress will pass another aid package, but negotiations stalled.

“In the last few months USCIS has taken steps to prevent a financial crisis, including restricted expense – said the representative of the office – Without the intervention of Congress, the USCIS will have to take drastic measures to preserve the solvency of the office”.

USCIS has asked Congress for $1.2 billion and it was expected that the funds will arrive, when will the next batch of aid from the coronavirus. But after about two weeks of negotiations, the adoption of the package ended and the Democrats and the White house have accused each other of this, that the case was stalled.

In the end, the US President, Donald trump has signed four decrees, trying to fill the gap in some programs of financial aid.

The Agency, administered by the Department of homeland security, is funded by money it receives from the fee. But the number of petitions asking for entry into the United States has decreased over the last three years under President trump, who has made a tough stance on immigration a Central theme of his presidency.

Because of the pandemic, the President issued a new Executive order prohibiting entry into the United States to foreigners, and temporarily stopped issuing green cards. USCIS stated that the impact of the virus also led to a sharp reduction in income. To compensate for this, the Department increased the fee for submitting applications.

The number of applications in the period between 2017 and 2019 fiscal years decreased by 900 000, and this decline is largely due to changes by the administration.

Democrats in Congress opposed the plans of departments to dismiss workers. In mid-July a group of 15 democratic senators wrote to leaders of the Senate letter with a request to impose certain restrictions on the Agency. These include: prohibition of USCIS to use such funds for pravoprimeneniia against immigrants and a requirement that the remote office conducted the naturalization ceremony because of the pandemic.

“We must act now to protect public servants USCIS, which already began to receive notice of dismissal and are faced with the reality of unemployment during the economic instability caused by a global pandemic,” the letter reads.