California allowed medical abortion in schools

California will become the first state to make use of medical abortion on College campuses in accordance with the law, which Governor Democrat Gavin Newsom signed on Friday, October 11.

Калифорния разрешит медикаментозный аборт в учебных заведениях

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The law takes effect in 2023, and applies only to the 34-campus University of California and California State University. But the law will be implemented only if the Commission of a state may collect more than $ 10 million in private donations to pay for it.

Former California Governor Jerry brown vetoed a similar bill last year, arguing that this is not necessary because abortion services are easily available outside the campus.

But Newsom, who took office in January 2019, said the law is necessary “because other States and the Federal government retreat, limiting reproductive freedom.”

Several States, led by Republicans, including Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi, have enacted laws prohibiting abortion after detection of fetal heartbeat. Group on protection of rights to abortion challenged these laws in court.

“Abortion is a right for everyone, and it is important that students have access to this right, if they so wish,” – said the Senator-Democrat Connie Leyva, the author of the bill.

Religious organizations and groups against abortion did not support the bill. Live Action President Lila rose said that the law “turns universities into centers of abortion.” And Maria Jose Fernandez, the defender of the laws of the Catholic conference in California, said that the law “tries to limit alternatives” for women.

Medical abortion – the option of abortion for pregnant women with a small period (10 weeks). The process requires taking two tablets. The first pill is taken at the clinic. It blocks the production of the hormone progesterone. Second – a few days at home, she creates an effect similar to a miscarriage.

In universities enrolled more than 400,000 women.

Officials of the University of California and California State University did not support the bill, but not criticized. The representative of the California State University Michael Uhlenkamp announced that the University by 2023 to comply with this law.

A spokeswoman for the University of California Sarah McBride said, saying that the University “believes that students should have access to affordable and convenient care for reproductive health your choice”.

“Currently, the University assesses the steps already taken and will accordingly follow the law,” she said.

Jody Hicks, President and CEO of the California branch of Planned Parenthood (American Federation of family planning), said that the signing of the bill shows: “California understands that reproductive health is health care. And health care is a human right”.

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