California and Florida broke the record of mortality from COVID-19: the situation is getting worse in half of US States

California and Florida — two States with the highest number of cases COVID-19 in the country — has set new records on deaths from COVID-19 in one day. In General, the United States overcame a dramatic turn of 150 000 deaths from this infection, writes CBS News.

Калифорния и Флорида побили рекорды смертности от COVID-19: ситуация ухудшается в половине штатов США

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Governor of California Gavin Newsom said that 197 people in the state died from COVID-19 Tuesday, July 28, the highest figure for one day. The state government also announced 8755 new positive cases.

According to the 9:00 local time on 30 July in California registered the highest number of confirmed cases in the country — at least 487 478. If California were a separate country, it would have been in fifth place at COVID-19 in the world after USA, Brazil, India and Russia.

“Please wear the mask,” wrote Newsome.

The health Department of Florida has confirmed that on Tuesday, July 28, from the virus died 216 people. It was a new one-day record for the state just one day after setting the previous record of 186 new deaths. 9448 more people tested positive for COVID-19. According to the noon of July 30 local time, the total number of cases in the state totaled at least 461 379.

Florida surpassed new York- a former hot spot where Wednesday, July 29, there were 6 new cases of death from COVID-19. Many intensive care units around the state have already reached the level of maximum load or close to it.

The emergency management of Florida declared that all venues for testing in the state will be closed from Friday to Tuesday (31 July — 4 August) due to the impending tropical storm.

The authorities of Arkansas, Montana and Oregon also reported a record high mortality in one day. Nearly half of all States currently included in the so-called “red zone” due to jumps in the incidence.

Disputes over mask mode and re-open the schools that continue to rage across the country. President trump insists on re-opening, saying in early July that schools will have “terrible decision” if they decide to pursue distance education in the fall.



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