California broke the record for the number of infected by the coronavirus in the United States

Despite the improvement in morbidity COVID-19 in California, the state became the first in the United States, said about 600 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, writes The New York Times.

Калифорния побила антирекорд по количеству зараженных коронавирусом в США

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Thursday, 13 August, California became the first state, which was 600 000 cases of coronavirus since the advent of the virus in the beginning of the year. State, which killed more than 10,800 people, is now ranked third in the country in the number of deaths after new York and new Jersey, where in the spring there were a lot of cases, but has since managed to contain the spread of the virus.

California was among the States hit hardest by the summer of the revival of the virus activity, but recently the situation seems to be improving. Referring to a 19 percent reduction in the number of people hospitalized for the last two weeks, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom said Wednesday, August 12 the state has “overcome the black stripe of the pandemic”.

Being the most populous state in the country, California is not among the States most affected by the virus per capita: this indicator, according to the database Times, she is ranked 20th in morbidity and 28 mortality.

After July 25 in California out of order reporting of the diseases, ignore the data, about 300 000 files from the primary database state confused picture of the spread of the virus. But this problem is now solved, say officials, and a greater number of cases reported in early August, is the result of the inclusion in the system nedouchtenny data.

California overcame a pandemic uneven. It was the first state that issued the order about the need to stay home in mid-March, when reported 116 new cases per day, and this order began to be regarded as national role model in confronting the pandemic.

But when two months later the staff began to re-open, there recorded an average of 1833 new cases a day – and for the second week of August, the daily figure was around 8,000, including the ongoing cases.

The public health authorities stated that the re-opening of the state came too early. In an effort to contain the spread, the Governor Newsom on June 18 issued a decree on the wearing of masks, acting statewide, followed two weeks later followed by an order to prohibit bars and restaurants make the people in the room. These measures have proven effective in several other States.

In the state of California has already begun the new school year, most school districts continued learning online.




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