California came in first place for COVID-19 in the United States: mass sick young

California surpassed new York, according to statistics confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and took first place in the United States, writes Fox News. In third place — Florida.

Калифорния вышла на первое место по COVID-19 в США: массово болеют молодые

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In California as of Wednesday, July 22, was more than 409 000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which allowed the state to overtake new York for a long time retained a leading position in the country. Now in new York, the fourth populous state, there are just over 408 000.

In third place — Florida, the third most populated state in the country, with just under 370 000 confirmed cases.

However, new York still leads the nation in the number of deaths associated with coronavirus (more than 32 500), while neighboring new Jersey is still in second place (more than 15,700 deaths), despite the fact that the population occupies 11th place.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, California with a population of about 39,5 million people occupies the 4th place in the mortality rate from less than 7900 cases.

Cases of coronavirus in California, apparently, contrary to popular belief about the age of the cases: many believe that the pandemic primarily affects the elderly, but almost 70% of the cases in California were recorded by people under the age of 49 years.

According to Fox News, Tuesday, July 21, the Department of health of California (CDPH) reported 9 231 new cases of infection COVID-19, which increased the total number of cases up to 400 769 since the start of the pandemic (to the environment, the number of cases exceeded 409 000). Of these cases, 276 023 — people aged up to 49 years, accounting for about 69% of those infected with the virus in California.

“Staying at home and maintaining physical distancing, you are helping to keep the curve of morbidity,” wrote on Twitter the Director of the Department of public health California Dr. Sonia Angell.

Although people of this age account for two-thirds of the population of California, a significant portion of the population is under the age of 18, which account for only 9% of cases of morbidity. Accordingly, people aged 18 to 49 years make up more than 60% of the total number of infections in the state.

After the recent surge in the incidence in the state recorded more than 120 000 new cases COVID-19. As of Tuesday, 21 July, the average number of cases per day up to 9 132 during the week, an increase of more than 700 compared to the average in the previous week (8382 new infections per day).

Department of public health California also released data on race and ethnicity in all cases and deaths related COVID-19. The data showed that the Hispanic population was covered in 55.6% of cases, followed by the white population of 17.5%, Asian and African American population were, respectively, 5.7% and 4.3% of cases of the disease in the state.

In comparison to the total number of cases, African Americans and white make up 8.7% and 30.7% of all deaths respectively.

Over the past two weeks, the hospitalization rate increased by about 15%. As of Tuesday, July 21, in California was held on 6 932 536 test, or 122 611 test more than in the previous 24-hour period.

“As testing capabilities continue to grow throughout the state, is expected to increase the number of positive cases is an important indicator of detection of a dissemination in the community,” said the Department of public health California.




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