California early release from prison of 17 thousand criminals

California authorities are forced to release inmates serving sentences for minor crimes, writes “Voice of America”.

Калифорния досрочно выпустит из тюрем 17 тысяч преступников

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The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti says he is ready to re-close city. One of the problems in California now — flash COVID-19 in prison. The government is forced to take unprecedented measures — to release from places of deprivation of liberty of prisoners serving sentences for minor crimes.

Those who are serving sentences for non-violent crimes, and those who stayed behind bars for 180 days or less, in the near future will be free. Parole in the first place will get a person over the age of 30, have health problems such in prisons, California is now about 17,000. Nearly 3,000 people serving sentences that are infected with coronavirus. More than half of them in prison San Quentin in Northern California. It is known that 10 had died due COVID-19 and 30 are in serious condition.

What is happening on the other side of the barbed wire, told former prisoners.

“We are scary, dangerous, uncomfortable and unpredictable,” said one of them.

Relatives of those who are now in jail, satisfied with the pickets outside the prison.

“They die in there. Release my child,” tears asked the mother of someone of the prisoners.

The situation in the prison of San Quentin was not a surprise for many reasons, rights activists say.

“This is a fairly old prison, says Vanessa Nelson-Sloane, Director of the organization for the rehabilitation of prisoners Life Support Alliance. The air ventilation system in her one-piece on the building. Therefore, the outbreak of the virus there for us no surprise. And in General, prison is not the place to adhere to social distancing, which is so necessary during a pandemic”.

Vanessa Nelson, runs an organization that helps prisoners. On the other side of the bars, she says, the situation is extremely difficult.

“I believe that every person who works at the prison is obliged to wear a mask, says Vanessa. Prisoners wear masks and they are punished if they do not wear. Compliance with these measures is task number one”.

The news that the state government release thousands of prisoners early, this organization embraced with joy, and at the same time with anxiety.

Some of those who will be released, says Vanessa, nowhere to go. Homeless shelters in California are overcrowded, which means that the risk of infection with coronavirus for them will continue even the free.





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